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EV3 support for LabVIEW!

EV3 support comes to LabVIEW with the release of the LabVIEW Module for LEGO MINDSTORMS (formerly the… [more]

EV3 support for LabVIEW! EV3 support for LabVIEW!

Raspberry Pi Education Fund

Do you have a clever idea for integrating LEGO robotics with the Raspberry Pi? Possibly even something… [more]

Raspberry Pi Education Fund Raspberry Pi Education Fund

EV3 Software compatibility with NXT

This is a summary of the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Software with the NXT brick and associated hardware. Remember:… [more]

EV3 Software compatibility with NXT EV3 Software compatibility with NXT

The Wave and beyond

Teachers (and other people) often ask me how I go about getting my students to do some of their cool… [more]

The Wave and beyond The Wave and beyond

Exploring gears

How do gears interact to vary torque and angular speed? Build different gear assemblies to discover these… [more]

Exploring gears Exploring gears