New Dr. E’s Challenges

It's time for a new cycle of Dr. E's Challenges. The October challenge, Sports Player, is a joint challenge… [more]

New Dr. E’s Challenges New Dr. E's Challenges

Snail car

Challenge Use gears to make a motorized car that moves as slowly as possible. Here are the rules: … [more]

Snail car Snail car

Meet the Creator: Akiyuki Kawaguchi

Akiyuki Kawaguchi is a twenty-seven year old engineer from Japan. He is well-known for his clever Great… [more]

Meet the Creator: Akiyuki Kawaguchi Meet the Creator: Akiyuki Kawaguchi

Light and Dark Scavenger Hunt

This challenge provides a basic introduction to datalogging with EV3. Datalogging enables you to collect… [more]

Light and Dark Scavenger Hunt Light and Dark Scavenger Hunt

Naked NXT/EV3 projects

For some projects, you might prefer to offer your students more time to learn advanced programming, and… [more]

Naked NXT/EV3 projects Naked NXT/EV3 projects

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