Meet the Creator: Anton Vanhoucke

Anton Vanhoucke is from Delft, the Netherlands. He is an online strategist at Fabrique, a strategic design agency, developing new services and communication strategies. Anton has always wanted to be an inventor and combines his love of invention with LEGO bricks. He is best known for his BB-8 as well as his vertical drawing robots. Anton […]

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Meet the Creator: Jason Allemann

Jason Alleman is well known for his LEGO kinetic sculptures and unique MINDSTORMS models. He has a degree in Engineering, and enjoy building models that have some kind of interesting motion. He is an inspiration to other LEGO builders, not only in terms of his amazing creations, but also in how he shares his creative process. His YouTube […]

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Meet the Creator: Kristal Dubois

Kristal Dubois began building with LEGO as an adult and enjoys creating intricate mechanical models. Kristal is a high school mathematics and chemistry teacher and lives with her partner, Jason, in Ottawa, Canada. Together they are JK Brickworks. In addition to teaching and building with LEGO, Kristal also enjoys rock climbing. How did you get […]

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Meet the Creator: Anika Brandsma

Anika Brandsma is a graduate student undertaking Mechanical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. She is well-known for her robotic animals as well as for bringing LEGO Friends and LEGO Elves sets to life with the incorporation of LEGO MINDSTORMS. Anika shares her creations all around the world including at the World […]

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The importance of recording your work

LEGO offers an amazing opportunity for students to build both easily and quickly. You don’t have to get specialized pieces and tools to make a robot or an engineering model. Students love being able to just sit down and start putting those pieces together. This is the magic that LEGO brings. However, students building with […]

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