Third-party sensors: Code examples

Here is a collection of code examples for third party sensors. Codatex Download Codatex code examples (ZIP) including: RFID read NXT-G – This code will use the Codatex RFID sensor to find the correct RFID tag. Once the RFID sensor finds the correct tag, it will make a sound and the code will stop running. HiTechnic […]

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NXT building tips

NXT Building Tips is a brief PDF guide to tips and tricks for building with the LEGO NXT, including: Basic LEGO brick stacking Using pegs to connect beams Connecting beams using axles and bushings Constructing sturdy shapes Attaching a wheel to a motor so that the motor turns Attaching motors to your NXT Resources NXT […]

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General building tips and tricks

Here are some tips for building with basic LEGO bricks, beams, and axles. Building a sturdy structure 1. Use interconnecting bricks. When you interconnect your bricks, the structure will not fall apart when you move it. 2.  Flick Test: Test the durability of your structure with a simple flick of your finger. If the structure […]

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Professional development for Physics teachers

Attention physics teachers! On August 13th-14th at Tufts University’s Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO) in Boston, there will be a free two-day professional development workshop for physics teachers on using InterLACE (Interactive Learning and Collaboration Environment), an innovative web-based tool-kit to facilitate collaborative inquiry activities in the classroom. The professional development will include […]

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Light theremin

In this activity, use an NXT brick equipped with two light sensors to emulate a theremin. One sensor will change pitch as the amount of light sensed changes, and the other sensor will change volume as the amount of light sensed changes. The theremin is meant to be controlled with the hands, but any object that […]

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