Thinking outside the box: A look into LEGO organization and sorting

Whether you have a classroom full of bricks and RCXs or a brand new set of Technic beams and NXTs, teachers who use LEGO materials all have a common problem—how to organize those all of those pieces. So, how do you organize your pieces? surveyed 133 educators from around the world on how they […]

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A simple TETRIX robot

TETRIX is a robotics building system that was created by Pitsco. The system consists of aluminium elements for construction and powerful drive motors, controlled by an NXT brick. This article provides building instructions and programming examples for a simple TETRIX robot. Here are three Sample TETRIX VIs for TETRIX projects. Building instructions Begin by taking […]

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WeDo activities: The next level

The LEGO Education WeDo kit provides a fascinating opportunity in simple robotics and programming for young students. The kit has 12 activities that introduce valuable science and engineering concepts like pulley setups and gear trains and ratios, and makes them approachable and interactive with sensors, motors, and software. Like with all LEGO kits, the possibilities […]

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Real world engineering: Using the NXT for earthquake simulation

Earthquakes are not all alike, and are identified by their strength on the Richter Scale of magnitude. The seismic waveforms generated during a quake depend on many factors including including fault geometry and rock type, wave travel path, soil composition, nearby mountains and other geological structures, and location of the origin of the quake. The […]

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Sending LEGO MINDSTORMS to near space

The Nevada Space Grant, the University of Nevada-Reno, National Instruments, the Energizer Battery Company, and the LEGO MINDSTORMS Team commemorated the 10th anniversary of LEGO MINDSTORMS by conducting an extravaganza where they sent LEGO MINDSTORMS payloads to near-space altitudes on a weather balloon. To read more about the H.A.L.E. (High Altitude LEGO Extravaganza) project, read […]

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NXT car with NXT bluetooth remote

The NXT’s Bluetooth feature enables NXTs to send messages to each other wirelessly. What’s that good for? Well, lots of things – including making your own remote control car (where you make the car and the remote!). NOTE: This project requires two NXT bricks. Building The car has two motors on either side of the […]

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Robotics: Assistive devices for the future

This curriculum module engages middle-school students in designing, building and programming a LEGO robot that could work as an assistive device for the physically challenged population. The students form teams or “companies” that work together to create their LEGO robot prototype. The module culminates in a final presentation where student teams present their products to […]

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