EV3 Simulator using RobotC: First glance at QEV3BotSim

Stan Simmons, an Associate Professor at Queen’s University in Canada, has developed a free Windows-based LEGO EV3 simulator as an adjunct to his physical robot classes. Although the LEGO Mindstorms NXT and EV3 Software packages are quite elaborate and extensive, they do not offer users the ability to test their programs in a virtual environment. […]

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Programming Bluetooth on EV3

On 27 February 2015, a small group of EDGErs went to LEGOLAND in California for an EV3 Hackathon. This post documents one of the projects that came out of the event. Wireless projects using Bluetooth technology can be loads of fun and very engaging. They can definitely bring a “wow” factor into your lessons, and […]

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Naked NXT/EV3 projects!

For some projects, you might prefer to offer your students more time to learn advanced programming, and spend less time building. That means no extra LEGO pieces, motors, or external sensors –  just a “Naked” NXT/EV3 brick! If that sounds like you, then let’s strip down the brick and have some fun! The only hardware […]

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Introducing BrickPi: LEGO bricks with a Raspberry Pi brain

Third-party sensor manufacturer, Dexter Industries, has produced a small printed circuit board with sockets for sensors and motors to allow LEGO NXT (and some EV3) parts to operate using the increasingly popular and affordable Raspberry Pi credit card-sized motherboard. The kit, known as BrickPi, acts as an interface between the Raspberry Pi unit and LEGO Mindstorms […]

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The Harvester: A quick EV3 robot build

Like me, you’ve probably spent countless hours trying to come up with a quick robot design for your students. I recently decided to spend a couple of hours working on a quick build for the new EV3 robot. Special thanks goes to Chris Johnson for compiling the stop-motion video shown below and for the idea […]

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WeDo army tank with wireless remote control

Two Sydney Primary school students came up with the idea of building an army-style tank using several WeDo motors and a pair of rubber caterpillar tracks. Like most ambitious tank ideas, I assumed the students would give up after 30 minutes. But to their credit they actually pulled it off, and even got it to […]

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