Online training courses

There is a range of training courses and related support materials available for teacher’s online. The websites below differ in length, focus and cost, but all provide teachers (and sometimes students) resources and skills to make best use of the LEGO kits (EV3, NXT and WeDo). Carnegie Mellon CS-STEM Network (EV3) The CS-STEM Network (CS2N) […]

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A LEGO WeDo learning sequence for younger students

This learning sequence is intended for students as young as 5 years old. It provides a  structured introduction to building with standard LEGO bricks before progressing to the WeDo kit. LEGO Education markets the WeDo kit for children from age 7 but I have successfully used it with students 5 years of age. Some were […]

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Nine alternative programming languages for LEGO MINDSTORMS

For anyone getting started with LEGO MINDSTORMS, the EV3 Software provides a great introduction to programming, but sooner or later you and your students might be ready for something different. For example, one option is to use a text-based programming language, such as RobotC, that better reflects the dominant style of programming in the computer […]

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Robotics Competitions

There are several ways to introduce LEGO robotics into your school or club. Dr. Amy Eguchi suggests three ways: thematic, project, and competition (see Alemisis, 2013 who references Eguchi). This post introduces some of the more popular robotics competitions for LEGO robotics. It should, however, be noted that competitions may sometimes exclude students for whom competition […]

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WeDo activities and building projects

The WeDo kit comes with 12 activities that start with a motivating animation, followed by easy to follow building and programming directions. LEGO Education sells a set of four Extension activities and the WeDo 8+ Projects Curriculum Pack but this latter one requires not just the basic WeDo Construction Set but the additional WeDo Resource […]

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WeDo curriculum resources

The WeDo kit can be used to support learning across the range of subjects. The guides that come with the WeDo and WeDo 2.0 software provide ideas of how to achieve mathematics, science, technology, engineering and language arts goals. Here is a selection of additional resources developed by teachers and others. Early Childhood Robotics Network […]

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