Big ideas

In this section we explore big ideas and big questions, from concepts relating to engineering and robotics through to issues relating to pedagogy.


  1. Exploring thresholds

    Exploring thresholds

    This unit introduces an extremely simple exercise that allows students to think more deeply about the concept of a...

  2. What is technology?

    What is technology?

    Technology is the knowledge or expert skill of how to make things, from the Greek words technos (art or...

  3. What is engineering?

    What is engineering?

    Engineering is the process of designing of solutions to human problems. Engineers apply ingenuity in devising novel solutions, using expert...



  1. Wait Time

    Wait Time

    Year after year, it is my goal to continue to grow and improve the robotics program we have. After...



  1. LEGO Engineering conferences

    LEGO Engineering conferences

    This video provides an overview of the Engineering Conferences that the Tufts University Center for Engineering Education and Outreach...

  2. LEGO Engineering Symposium 2011

    LEGO Engineering Symposium 2011

    The LEGO Engineering Symposium is an annual gathering at Tufts University of educators, researchers, curriculum developers and other educational...