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Robot Square screenshotHere are some noteworthy blogs and other general websites (that didn’t fit into a neat category!). They range from a neat collection of building projects not directly related to a particular curriculum to a web site that delivers a complete robotics program. Many of these sites are focused on the retail versions of the EV3 and NXT kits, but are still worth checking out for ideas and inspiration.

Do you have a favorite site that we’ve missed? If so, please let us know.


Bot Bench (EV3, NXT, ROBOTC, …)

  • Xander Soldaat is a very active member of the MINDSTORMS community and has a particular interest in ROBOTC. He not only developed the ROBOTC Driver Suite, but was also involved with porting ROBOTC to the EV3 platform.

Coffee for the Brain (EV3)

  • The EV3 section of Coffee for the Brain includes a variety of resources, including links to other sites, book recommendations, online courses, etc.

Damien Kee (EV3, NXT)

  • Damien is a very active member of the MINDSTORMS community and has written a number of highly regarded books focused on using the NXT and EV3 in education. He also maintains the popular Robotics in Education Mailing List.

Danny’s Lab (EV3, NXT)

  • Daniele Benedettelli is the author of a number of NXT and EV3 books and creator of many original and amazing LEGO robots. His site features a wide variety of inspiring projects. (EV3)

  • Nigel Ward created this site with a special section for the LEGO EV3.

NXT Programs (NXT)

  • Looking for projects with building instructions and downloadable programmes? This web site by Dave Parker is it (Dave has also authored some NXT books). Lots of projects for both the retail and educational versions of NXT.

RoboCamp (NXT, EV3, WeDo)

  • RoboCamp offers online courses that teachers use with groups of students. They are “creative robotics courses for children in classrooms, in which they learn in groups how to build and program robots using LEGO bricks.” There are courses for NXT, EV3 and WeDo kits.

Robot Square (EV3, NXT)

  • Laurens Valk is a prolific robot designer and author. His site includes lots of great articles, tutorials, and even the PDFs for all the models in the EV3 Education version Core Set and Expansion Sets (e.g. Gyro Boy, Puppy, Znp, etc.)

The NXT STEP is EV3 (NXT, EV3)

  • The NXT STEP Blog brings together news and information related to the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT and EV3. Many (if not all?) of the contributors have been members of the MINDSTORMS Community Partners (MCP).

Tutorials for Beginners (EV3)

  • Free EV3 tutorials for the absolute beginner, from

See also Online training courses.


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