Deep Space Terraformers

terra_splashI teach robotics and advise the robotics club at Roosevelt Middle School in Glendale, California. One of our goals is to start robotics programs at all of our elementary schools. We provide professional development for teachers and provide mentors for FIRST LEGO League teams in conjunction with FRC teams at the high schools. We also loan hardware such as NXT education base sets and laptops with NXT-G to schools wishing to start programs.

In the Spring, we host a robotics tournament for our elementary schools. This will be our 6th year hosting the tournament and our fourth year using Deep Space Terraformers as the challenge. It is very similar to a FIRST LEGO League field set-up kit and mat, but we only use one table instead of two running together. There are suggested scoring conditions and point values for the missions, but we change them a little every year just to keep things fresh.

We found a local graphic design company who can print the vinyl mats for about $140 each. Field props are made of LEGO pieces as well as paper. I print the paper props on photo paper to make them a little more durable, but they need to be replaced every year.  I just received a MakerBot Replicator2 3D printer, and I hope to replace the paper props with 3D models soon.

Randy Kamiya

Roosevelt Robotics Club


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