Whether you’re looking for something to do with your class tomorrow, or you’re planning the next two months, this section provides suggestions for activities to motivate and inspire your students.

Challenge ideas

  1. Path planning in LabVIEW

    Path planning in LabVIEW

    This summer one project I have been working on is path planning in LabVIEW for an EV3 robot vehicle....

  2. Carnival LEGO

    Carnival LEGO

    Everyone loves a good carnival! In addition to the fun, adrenaline, and excitement that carnival rides bring us, they...

  3. Shake table

    Shake table

    Did you know that it’s possible to build an earthquake simulator out of only LEGO bricks? This is a...


Activities with lesson plans

  1. Music box

    Music box

    Design and construct a working music box in which LEGO mini-figures move while a song plays. This lesson is...

  2. Peak performance

    Peak performance

    Design and develop a car that is capable of traveling across flat surfaces quickly, but can also negotiate a...

  3. Fan-tastic


    Design and construct a LEGO fan with at least one sensor and program it to run at variable speeds...


Curriculum and learning sequences

  1. STEM curriculum from Georgia Tech

    STEM curriculum from Georgia Tech

    The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) has posted their new SLIDER curriculum, Science Learning Integrating Design, Engineering, and...