Whether you’re looking for something to do with your class tomorrow, or you’re planning the next two months, this section provides suggestions for activities to motivate and inspire your students.

Challenge ideas

  1. Robotics competitions

    Robotics competitions

    There are several ways to introduce LEGO robotics into your school or club. Dr. Amy Eguchi suggests three ways:...

  2. Energy losses

    Energy losses

    One of the most important topics of engineering and design is losses. In many classes, we ignore losses (such as...


Activities with lesson plans

  1. The Incredible Machine

    The Incredible Machine

    One of our after-school robotics classes just finished our “Incredible Machine” unit. The kids are required to plan the...

  2. Music box

    Music box

    Design and construct a working music box in which LEGO mini-figures move while a song plays. This lesson is...

  3. Peak performance

    Peak performance

    Design and develop a car that is capable of traveling across flat surfaces quickly, but can also negotiate a...


Curriculum and learning sequences

  1. WeDo curriculum resources

    WeDo curriculum resources

    The WeDo kit can be used to achieve many curricular goals. The guide that comes with the WeDo software...