You Are Invited to Revive a Challenge

You are hopefully aware that this site is full of great ideas for design challenges to give your students.

Some of these challenges, however, are starting to look a little dated and many of the earlier posts aren’t really up to a standard that would be acceptable if we were publishing them today, so… you are invited to revive a challenge.

As a thank you for helping to improve the site, each contributor who revives a challenge will receive an engraved LEGO brick.

How it works

Choose one of the challenges listed below, and then update it. This may involve updating it from WeDo to WeDo 2.0 or RCX/NXT to EV3. Ideally, you would do a version of the chosen challenge with your students, take some photos and video, then write a post about it, adding links to relevant resources, related posts, etc.

To ensure that you’re not working on a post that someone else has already taken, please let me know if you’re intended to work on a post (by email to, and I’ll update the list accordingly.

There’s a lot of flexibility as to how the revived post can be formatted (see the bottom of this post for some examples). As a starting point, you may like to include a few of the follow sections…

  • Description of the challenge – e.g. how the challenge would be presented to students
  • Setting the scene – e.g. paragraph about how the challenge relates to a “real world” scenario, or a link to a relevant youtube video
  • Equipment?
  • Code samples?
  • Assessment rubric?
  • Ideas for extension?
  • Tips and tricks?
  • Reflections?
  • Resources? – e.g. student worksheets, program downloads, etc.

You can submit a draft of your post either via this page or as a Word document or a shared Google Doc to

Posts that need to be revived

Example posts

Here are some examples of other challenge posts to give you an idea of possible formats (ranging from very minimal to comprehensive).
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