LabVIEW examples: Advanced

Basic NXT flags

Basic NXT flags

These examples demonstrate some advanced features in LabVIEW.

Using a Sub VI

  • This example shows a possible implementation of a sub VI.  Sub VI’s are essentially consolidations of other code into one icon.

Multiple NXTs

  • This example demonstrates how to use multiple NXTs. After specifying which NXTs to use, the program uses motors on both NXTs.

Multiple NXT Flags

  • This example demonstrates the use of multiple NXT flags. A robot is programmed to constantly check if the light sensor is on a dark surface, the touch sensor is pressed, and if the ultrasonic sensor is more than 10 cm away from an object.  If any of these conditions are met, a corresponding flag is set to true and the parallel while loop reacts accordingly.

Basic NXT Flag

  • This example shows a very basic use of the NXT flag function.  A flag is created and set to true only when the touch sensor is pressed.  The flag is then used as a stop condition for a while loop.


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