LEGO Engineering Symposium 2009

The 3rd Annual LEGO Engineering Symposium was hosted by the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach at Tufts University on June 1-2, 2009. Under the theme of “LEGO Engineering for Girls: Building a diverse learning environment with LEGO”, the symposium offered a series of presentations and hands-on development labs to nearly 90 participants over the course of the 2 days.

The presentations and development lab summaries can be downloaded from the links below.

Artful themes

Artful themes

Monday presentations

  • Asli Bilgin - WomenBuild: An entrepreneurial program for professional and future leaders for Women in Technology
  • Eirik Jatten - Using LEC’s in school – the Norwegian experiences; perspectives from the LEGO Educational Center Scandinavia.
  • Cathy Helgoe - Inviting Everyone In: LEGO WeDo as a friendly engineering environment for female teachers and students
  • Kar-Tin Lee - Cultivating digitally prepared teachers to cater for girls in schools
  • Marina Bers - Storytellers and engineers in early childhood: developing technological fluency by making robots
  • Mitchel Resnick - Low Floor, High Ceiling, Wide Walls: Providing Multiple Pathways into Engineering
  • Monika Fuglister - What are girl’s initial barriers and how can they be overcome
  • Natalie Rusk - Artful Themes

Tuesday presentations

  • Amy Eguchi - Are robotics competitions for girls? – How RoboCupJunior attracts girls
  • Barbara Bratzel - Door Wide Open: Attracting Girls to Engineering
  • Birger Brevik and Suyan Aidarov - LEGO engineering in science and vocational education for street children in Kyrgyzstan
  • Chris Bracken - Australian LEGO Teachers Award recipient
  • Lisbeth Valther Palleson - Girls are different, but still the same! What to focus on when engaging girls in learning with LEGO materials
  • Morgan Hynes - A glance at interesting projects
  • Sarah Kuhn - LEGO Engineering and Girls: Many paths to the future

Development Labs





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