MoonBots 2014: Why should we go back to the Moon for good?

moonbotcard2014The 2014 MoonBots Challenge is a an international on-line competition that challenges youth from 9 to 17 years old to form a team, and design, create and program robots to simulate lunar missions.

The challenge is supported by the Google Lunar X Prize and makes use of LEGO MINDSTORMS materials.

Prizes include an EV3 kit and a whole stack of LEGO for the 25 teams who win phase one. The Grand Prize is a trip for the winning team to visit Hawaii to test their robot on top of a volcano!

If you’re interested, you’ve got until Thu 15 May to register and submit team details, and then by Sun 1 June you need to have submitted a video essay in response to the question, “Why should we go Back to the Moon for Good?”

For more details, visit http://moonbots.org

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Rob Torok

I live in Tasmania, Australia, and teach Computer Science and Computing (Robotics + Game Design) at Claremont College. I also teach students from around Tasmania through my online robotics class, SmartBots. In my spare time, I enjoy hunting for little plastic boxes ("geocaching") and playing board games.

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