goingTheDistance03WeDo is drag-and-drop software, powered by LabVIEW, that is icon based, provides an intuitive programming environment, and features a digital Getting Started Guide with building tips and programming examples. Activities are divided into four themes – Amazing Mechanisms, Wild Animals, Play Soccer, and Adventure Stories – and provide up to 24 hours of instruction and project-based learning.

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  1. Exploring gears

    Exploring gears

    How do gears interact to vary torque and angular speed? Build different gear assemblies to discover these effects. What...

  2. Scratch-ing the LEGO WeDo

    Scratch-ing the LEGO WeDo

    I have been Scratch-ing with LEGO WeDo kits, and my high school level students absolutely love it! The LEGO®...

  3. WeDo activities: The next level

    WeDo activities: The next level

    The LEGO Education WeDo kit provides a fascinating opportunity in simple robotics and programming for young students. The kit...

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