RicEditor tutorial: Create a cannon game!

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Before you start

This post is a tutorial on how to work with “RIC” image files to create a simple game using the NXT display. For an example of what the finished game will look like and an introduction to RIC files, please see: Create your own games with “RIC” files.

To start making RIC-based games on the NXT, LVLM (LabVIEW for LEGO MINDSTORMS) must be installed on your computer. Then you must download the RicEditor This file is a zip file, so you have to extract it. The extracted file to run isi RicEditor.llb. A “.llb” file is a LabView LiBrary file. This file consists of many files. When you double-click this file, the following window will appear after a while:



Here you can see all the files in this library. Double-click the first file (SN_NXTRICEdtior.vi). If everything is OK, you will get the start window for the RicEditor:

Congratulations, you are ready to start creating RIC files!

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