DIY Walkers: Strider

Strider is an entry-level walker we created when we were trying to discover a linkage mechanism that mimicked the gait of a galloping horse for TrotBot. We explored many options, and one of them led to Strider with a gait similar to a walking elephant. Strider pairs two four bar linkages to increase step-height. Here is a simulation: […]

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DIY Walkers: TrotBot using EV3

In my previous post, I shared some of my exploration of walking mechanisms using mainly LEGO Technic. Here is a MINDSTORMS EV3 version I have just built. The challenge with this build was maximizing performance while working with the heavy EV3 brick. I found that I could improve performance by adding “retractable toes” that increase […]

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DIY Walkers: Explorations of the TrotBot walking mechanism

I was part of the team that developed the TrotBot linkage mechanism in LEGO, and then helped to scale it up to the size of a minivan. We gained a ton of knowledge from the scale-up and I’ve taken many of the improvements that we made at minivan scale back to LEGO, which really improved […]

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