EV3 TrotBot Version 2: Inspired by a Galloping Horse

In the same way that it is more tiring to do lunges than it is to simply walk, robots with bumpy gaits require more power than robots with smooth gaits. This may not be a problem at small scales, but as a robot’s weight increases, smoother gaits are required. This post describes how we improved […]

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DIY Walkers: Strider

Strider is an entry-level walker we created when we were trying to discover a linkage mechanism that mimicked the gait of a galloping horse for TrotBot. We explored many options, and one of them led to Strider with a gait similar to a walking elephant. Strider pairs two four bar linkages to increase step-height. Here is a simulation: […]

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DIY Walkers: TrotBot using EV3

In my previous post, I shared some of my exploration of walking mechanisms using mainly LEGO Technic. Here is a MINDSTORMS EV3 version I have just built. The challenge with this build was maximizing performance while working with the heavy EV3 brick. I found that I could improve performance by adding “retractable toes” that increase […]

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DIY Walkers: Explorations of the TrotBot walking mechanism

I was part of the team that developed the TrotBot linkage mechanism in LEGO, and then helped to scale it up to the size of a minivan. We gained a ton of knowledge from the scale-up and I’ve taken many of the improvements that we made at minivan scale back to LEGO, which really improved […]

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