1. Introducing EV3 Basic

    Introducing EV3 Basic

    The biggest weakness of the LEGO EV3 system may be that its icon-based programming interface is so very different...





  1. RCX USB tower support

    RCX USB tower support

    This article provides instructions for installing the necessary drivers to use the RCX USB tower with ROBOLAB for LabVIEW....

  2. RCX constructopedia

    RCX constructopedia

    The RCX constructopedia (PDF, 55Mb) includes an extensive set of instructions designed to introduce beginners and advanced builders alike to...



  1. WeDo sensors

    WeDo sensors

    Unlike its big siblings the NXT and the EV3 (see NXT sensors), the WeDo kit only has two sensors....

  2. WeDo software patches

    WeDo software patches

    Depending on the version of the platform you are using (Mac or Windows), you might run into one kind...