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  1. Naked NXT/EV3 projects!

    Naked NXT/EV3 projects!

    For some projects, you might prefer to offer your students more time to learn advanced programming, and spend less...

  2. NXT-G examples: Motors

    NXT-G examples: Motors

    These examples (ZIP) demonstrate a range of techniques for working with motors in NXT-G. Drive for time This code turns...



  1. EV3 Arduino Shield

    EV3 Arduino Shield

    This summer at the CEEO, one project in progress has been an EV3 shield for Arduino Uno boards. The...

  2. EV3 support for LabVIEW!

    EV3 support for LabVIEW!

    EV3 support comes to LabVIEW with the release of the LabVIEW Module for LEGO MINDSTORMS (formerly the NXT Module)....



  1. Peak performance

    Peak performance

    Design and develop a car that is capable of traveling across flat surfaces quickly, but can also negotiate a...

  2. Fan-tastic


    Design and construct a LEGO fan with at least one sensor and program it to run at variable speeds...

  3. ROBOLAB examples

    ROBOLAB examples

    These examples (PDF) demonstrate the use of various features in ROBOLAB. NXT multiple events Multiple events can be setup in...