RCX constructopedia

The RCX constructopedia (PDF, 55Mb) includes an extensive set of instructions designed to introduce beginners and advanced builders alike to new concepts in building with the RCX. 418 pages! Contents include: Stationary builds Sturdy structures Bracing Change axis Moving parts Motors Gears Pulleys Special gears Cam Differential Worm gear Gear rack Animal parts Beaks and jaws […]

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Survival of the fittest: NXT style

A group of Tufts University students stand around a squared-off area of linoleum cheering fervently. They scream things like “Go Moosie!” and “Your buzzard’s knocking my penguin!” The whole scene seemed somewhat out of place; after all, this was an engineering lab. It all makes sense when you realize that Moosie, Buzzard,  and Penguin are […]

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