Programming Bluetooth on EV3


On 27 February 2015, a small group of EDGErs went to LEGOLAND in California for an EV3 Hackathon. This post documents one of the projects that came out of the event. Wireless projects using Bluetooth technology can be loads of fun and very engaging. They can definitely bring a “wow” factor into your lessons, and […]

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Bluetooth remote control: Tank drive


How could you use an NXT as a remote control for a robot car? Here’s one approach from the NXT Master Class “Terrific Transport”, held at the Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre, 26 Jun 2013. Today we successfully managed to get the remote control function happening and felt very proud of ourselves. We also managed to get […]

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NXT car with NXT bluetooth remote

Four-way bluetooth remote

The NXT’s Bluetooth feature enables NXTs to send messages to each other wirelessly. What’s that good for? Well, lots of things – including making your own remote control car (where you make the car and the remote!). NOTE: This project requires two NXT bricks. Building The car has two motors on either side of the […]

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