Look Ma, No USB! Untethering the WeDo

To keep the WeDo simple and easy to use for younger children, the WeDo doesn’t have an intelligent brick in its building materials. No intelligent brick, so no programming and no power. The USB hub is there to provide both from the computer. But, wouldn’t it be great to be able to untether some WeDo […]

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Sturdy car: The drop test

Design and construct a car that remains intact when dropped from ankle to mid-shin height onto the floor. Vary the drop height to make the activity more or less challenging.      Hint: The car doesn’t necessarily have to include the EV3, NXT or RCX brick (and saving the brick from a hard knock might […]

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Find the hidden letter

In this activity, use a robot equipped with a light sensor to determine the hidden letter message (under a table or in another room). The letter will be determined using light sensor collected data on 3 passes over of the letter.      Resources Find the Hidden Letter lesson plan – ROBOLAB (PDF)  

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Zombie attack

In this activity, a group of students each build a robot. Each robot is assigned a number. It will then have to tag other robots with the number by using mail. Five tags and the robot takes on that robot’s number. The winner is the robot that has given its number to the most other […]

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9797 NXT basic car instructions

This is a very basic NXT vehicle. It is made exclusively of pieces from the 9797 NXT Education kit. This car was designed to be built very quickly so that it could be used in workshop settings or one-time events.  This car was created to maximize the time spent learning programming and other skills in […]

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