New cycles of Dr. E’s MINDSTORMS and WeDo Challenges

The two Dr. E’s Challenge sites, MINDSTORMS and WeDo, have launched new¬†cycles of challenges. Check out the WeDo and MINDSTORMS versions of the February challenge, Mythical¬†Beast. The two sites were created by Professor Ethan Danahy (Dr. E) of Tufts University to provide open-ended robotics challenges for students around the world. Each month, students design solutions […]

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Light and Gryo Sensor Calibration

Some sensors need to be calibrated to make sure they work correctly. I’ve made an EV3 project to help my FIRST LEGO League teams calibrate their sensors and would like to make it available to all the kids out there doing FLL. Something similar was included with NXT for calibrating the light sensor, but the […]

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