JumboBooks: An introduction to using microprocessors in LabVIEW

The Center for Engineering Education and Outreach at Tufts University has created JumboBooks, a set of educational tutorials to program different devices in LabVIEW. The microprocessors used include the Arduino Uno, BeagleBone, LilyPad, myRIO, and ProtoSnap, as well as a tutorial for LEGO’s EV3 brick. The tutorials were created for high schoolers and up, and can be downloaded […]

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Virtual Explosion!

The Second World War generated a big crisis in all aspects: economic, social, human values, etc., and artists were the first to react. Art needed a change and the “action painting” or “happening” was used to express the artist’s feelings, starting from zero and literally attacking traditional painting that embodied conventional art. Jackson Pollock was […]

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Image processing in LabVIEW

The Image Processing VIs are a rudimentary set of image capture and analysis VIs that allow the user to grab images from a USB camera (using Chris Salzmann’s QuickTime VIs) and analyze them. These VIs can be used to determine color information, threshold, binary morphology, blob detection. They can read and save standard image types, […]

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Participating in the HALE project (High Altitude LEGO Extravaganza)

Nevada, July 29th 2008 at dawn: Dr Eric Wang and his team are preparing two high-altitude balloons for launch in the middle of nowhere. Several payloads are tied together to form the electronic, mechanical and photograph-taking passengers for the flight to the lower stratosphere. All participating groups are waiting in suspense, trying to get some […]

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NXT science / engineering fair experiments

The NXT brick is a great tool for more than just robotics. It can handle data logging for a variety of sensors over long periods of time and can run programs that will simulate large-scale experiments. The following are some cool ideas for science/engineering fair projects using the NXT Education kit (9797) and LabVIEW Education […]

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