Look Ma, No USB! Untethering the WeDo

To keep the WeDo simple and easy to use for younger children, the WeDo doesn’t have an intelligent brick in its building materials. No intelligent brick, so no programming and no power. The USB hub is there to provide both from the computer. But, wouldn’t it be great to be able to untether some WeDo […]

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Design and construct a LEGO fan with at least one sensor and program it to run at variable speeds and have a stop/start function. Note: the RCX and NXT versions of the attachments use two touch sensors while the WeDo version uses the tilt sensor.      This lesson is one in a series of […]

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LabView examples: Motors

These examples (ZIP) demonstrate motor control in LabVIEW. Front Panel Steering Control This example shows how to control the steering icon using the front panel. Position Control This example shows how to keep an object a set distance away from the robot. Rotation Position Control This example demonstrates how to control the rotation of a […]

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NXT Constructopedia

The NXT Constructopedia Beta 2.1 (PDF) is a set of building hints for the NXT Education Base Set (9797). It contains smaller hints and a few larger models. Its aim is to provide users with inspiration to build their own advanced creations. Contents include: Simple shapes and structures Square Reversing trick Cube Arch Beams Triangles Ways […]

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Design and construct a sturdy car that can push dirt, and program it to be controlled by touch sensors.      Tip 1 : How can the touch sensor be used to trigger the bulldozer to generate more torque? Resources Bulldozer Lesson Plan – NXT + NXT-G/ROBOLAB (PDF) Bulldozer Lesson Plan – RCX + ROBOLAB […]

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