Music box


Design and construct a working music box in which LEGO mini-figures move while a song plays. This lesson is one in a series of introductory lessons that is applicable to all types of robotics kits. The lessons are geared to students in early primary to middle school (depending on the lesson). Additional material, specific to certain kits, […]

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Ultrasonic touch guitar


The idea of this radical challenge is to use the ultrasonic sensor, touch sensors, and buttons on the NXT to create a guitar. The ultrasonic sensor can control the pitch of the note based on the location of the user’s hand, and the touch sensors can control other parameters of the note created. Rock on, […]

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Light theremin

LEGO theremin

In this activity, use an NXT brick equipped with two light sensors to emulate a theremin. One sensor will change pitch as the amount of light sensed changes, and the other sensor will change volume as the amount of light sensed changes. The theremin is meant to be controlled with the hands, but any object that […]

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