Animate-Build-Code with LEGO and SCRATCH


I work with children of all ages, and have built curriculum from two very well known resources available to schools and teachers. I have taught specialty STEM classes and camps for a few years. I work as a mobile educator, to provide fun, engaging enrichment and field trips to schools, public and private, and home […]

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Introducing BrickPi: LEGO bricks with a Raspberry Pi brain

Raspberry Pi + BrickPi + LEGO

Third-party sensor manufacturer, Dexter Industries, has produced a small printed circuit board with sockets for sensors and motors to allow LEGO NXT (and some EV3) parts to operate using the increasingly popular and affordable Raspberry Pi credit card-sized motherboard. The kit, known as BrickPi, acts as an interface between the Raspberry Pi unit and LEGO Mindstorms […]

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