Help with my summer project

Hello My name is Anika and I need help with my summer project. I built a bot that will help us clean kitchen counter. It has two problems The gyro sensor is not accurate even with resets. That means the bot make turns that are not perfect 90 degrees The ultrasonic sensor gets confused with […]

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NXT exercises – One approach

Another mentor and I developed the approach described below after we hit several roadblocks trying to show concepts, show programming examples, and then have the students replicate the demonstrated work. Instead of setting examples and showing the programming in detail, this approach provided the students with only an NXT Domabot with light and ultrasonic sensors, a computer with […]

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JumboBooks: An introduction to using microprocessors in LabVIEW

The Center for Engineering Education and Outreach at Tufts University has created JumboBooks, a set of educational tutorials to program different devices in LabVIEW. The microprocessors used include the Arduino Uno, BeagleBone, LilyPad, myRIO, and ProtoSnap, as well as a tutorial for LEGO’s EV3 brick. The tutorials were created for high schoolers and up, and can be downloaded […]

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Echo locator

How could you build a device that uses sound to indicate the distance to the nearest object? For example, as an aid for a person with vision impairment. Other than using the Ultrasound Sensor, are there any other sensors that could be used to measure distance? Resources Echo Locator lesson plan – NXT-G (PDF)  

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Ultrasonic touch guitar

The idea of this radical challenge is to use the ultrasonic sensor, touch sensors, and buttons on the NXT to create a guitar. The ultrasonic sensor can control the pitch of the note based on the location of the user’s hand, and the touch sensors can control other parameters of the note created. Rock on, […]

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Pendulum mathematics

multiple pendulum streams

Pendulums are one of the earliest machines we see and Physics courses can take advantage of that familiarity to reveal fundamental principles and demonstrate the mathematical relationships. In this demonstration, I suspended an NXT with three sensors from above, and let it swing back and forth, recording the data via Bluetooth to the NXT-G data […]

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NXT sensors

Touch Sensor The Touch Sensor gives your robot a sense of touch. The Touch Sensor detects when it is being pressed by something and when it is released again. Suggestions: You can use the Touch Sensor to make your robot pick up things: a robotic arm equipped with a Touch Sensor lets the robot know […]

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