WeDo activities and building projects

A pair of students sharing one WeDo kit.
A pair of students sharing one WeDo kit.

The WeDo kit comes with 12 activities that start with a motivating animation, followed by easy to follow building and programming directions. LEGO Education sells a set of four Extension activities and the WeDo 8+ Projects Curriculum Pack but this latter one requires not just the basic WeDo Construction Set but the additional WeDo Resource Set as well. Some markets might not have access to all products.

However, there is a fabulous developing list of activities (building projects) developed by teachers and robotics enthusiasts posted online. The list below is by no means complete and additions are welcome.

Stefan’s Robots

Stefan Bracher has building directions and the programme for three very cool projects – Speed Governor, Rocket, and Cable Car. Stefan even includes some rather sophisticated math to explain the centrifugal forces at work in the Governor project.

Click Brick

Stephanie Greer describes a mini-lesson, the “WeDo Vehicle Challenge” that she used with her 7 to 9th grade students in her after school club. Her blog includes a vehicle displaying some of the student creations.

Early Childhood Robotics Network

The ECRN is part of the Developmental Technologies Research Group at Tufts University. On this page is building instructions for 1- and 2-motor cars, a see-saw and a Ferris wheel.

WeDoBots: The unofficial blog for LEGO WeDo Designs

This blog is a fantastic resource. It not only has the original 12 builds but some 20 more (and counting) with both visual building instructions and a video showing the completed project.


Fabio and Pietro Formenti have created a blog with awesome projects. The programmes for each project are available but not the building steps so users will have to figure them out for themselves from the photos and videos.

Brick by Brick

This blog, sponsored by LEGO Education Europe, has several lesson plans in mathematics, such as arithmetic, geometry and measurement. Most use one of the 12 builds that come with the software and activity pack but apply them to the curriculum areas.

Not Just Bricks

This site, by Diego Gálvez, has constructions for both NXT and WeDo. Not all of the building instructions are included (yet) for the WeDo constructions displayed. The link above goes directly to the WeDo section.

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Wayne Burnett

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