Going the Distance

going the distanceBuild and program a robot car to drive as close as possible to a LEGO minfig, without knocking it over.

Sounds easy?

The catch is that you are not allowed to use any sensors and once you are told how far the minifig will be from the starting line, you will only get attempt.

The details

This is a “dead reckoning” challenge. You are not allowed to use any sensors to detect the minfig.

You will have a time to practise making your robot drive various lengths of time (or motor rotations) and record the results. At the end of the practise time, you will be told exactly far from the starting line the minifig will be located. You will then have time to program your car, but you may not test it.

Once all the cars are programmed, they will take turns driving from the starting line. The car that finishes closest to the minifig without knocking it over is the winner!



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