LabView examples: Projects

Here are some example projects using LabView.

Hand Puppet code

  • LabVIEW for MINDSTORMS code for the LEGO hand puppet.
Morse code

Morse code

Morse Code

  • This example shows how to turn a user input into a corresponding sequence of sounds. Each letter in the alphabet has its own case structure with morse code sounds. The front panel input is converted into a usable form (lowercase) and then parsed through one letter at a time.


  • This is an example to turn your NXT into an Etch-A-Sketch. This program is meant to go with an NXT with two motors and two buttons attached. It works nicely if wheels are attached to the motors to act as controls for the game.

Radar Gun

This project uses the ultrasonic sensor, shift registers, and some calculations to determine the velocity of an object moving towards or away from it.

Recordable marionette

  • Code for the LEGO marionette puppet.


  • Code for the Sundae-making, whipped-cream-shaking, heart-breaking, name-taking, brownie-baking robotic demigod that is the RoboSundae maker.


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