LEGO Engineering Symposium 2010

IMG_0252The 4th Annual LEGO Engineering Symposium was hosted by the CEEO at Tufts University on June 8-10, 2010. The symposium offered a series of presentations and hands-on development labs to nearly 90 participants over the course of the 3 days. The presentations and development lab summaries can be downloaded.

 Tuesday presentations

  • Wallenborg & Brevik – Elementary school engineering, anchored in technical demanding missions, as motivating factor for children’s tipping point experience
  • Tina Grotzer – Learning About Causal Complexity and Climate Change
  • Rikke Anderson – Bring Energy to your classroom with LEGO MINDSTORMS Education
  • Merredith Portsmore – Exploring how experience with planning impacts first grade students’ planning and solutions to engineering design problems
  • Martina Lehser – Robotics in Education
  • Justin Osterstrom – Building Energy Paradigms Using LEGO Serious Play
  • Barbara Bratzel – Teaching Energy with LEGO Mindstorms
  • Donald Larson – Horse hair hydrometer
  • Tuesday 6/8/13 – End of day wrap

Wednesday presentations

  • Travis Franck – Climate Change Mental Models
  • Tim Lannin – Engineering for Non-Engineers
  • Mark Lockett (Teacher Award recipient) – The Construction of Knowledge and creating Tipping Points
  • Osmin, Lim, Chua (Teacher Award recipients), Robotics in Singapore
  • Debbie Liu – Engaging students in 21st century scientific thinking patterns about climate change with LEGO
  • Brian Gravel – Show Me What You Know- Using multiple representations to enhance science and engineering experiences
  • Amber Kendall – Exploring science through engineering might be fun, but do students really learn any science?
  • Al Hurst – The Green Classroom: Using Powerpoint and the Computer
  • Wednesday 6/9/13 – End of day wrap

Thursday presentations

  • Chris Rogers (Director, CEEO) – The future of ROBOLAB and LabVIEW.
  • Ethan Danahy (CEEO) – New Educational Tools from the CEEO
  • Dean Kaman – Key note

Development labs

  • Tipping Points and Multiple Representations
  • Tipping Points and Construction of Knowledge (Serious Play)
  • Climate Change and Young Children Wrap Up
  • Climate Change and Data Logging Wrap-up


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