Third-party sensor update for ROBOLAB

This third-party sensor update for ROBOLAB supports the HiTechnic IRSeeker v2 (in all four modes) and fixes a Vernier bug.

Note: Requires ROBOLAB 2.9.4 or higher.

Installation instructions

  1. Download and unzip Third-party sensor update (6/24/2010)
    • Note: you are replacing the current Sensors folder with the updated Sensors folder.
      [installation directory, defaults to Program Files on a PC]\Robolab29
  2. Unzip “For the main robolab”.
    • Copy the folder Sensors in to the main ROBOLAB folder
      *Your computer may ask if you want to replace the existing folder – indicate Yes
  3. Unzip “For the user.lib”.
    • There are three folders: “hitechnic sensors”, “mindsensors”, and “Vernier”.
    • Copy the the three folders to user.lib
    • Note: you are replacing the current folders with the updated folders.
  4. Restart ROBOLAB for the new icons to appear.

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