NXT car with NXT bluetooth remote

Four-way bluetooth remote

Four-way bluetooth remote

The NXT’s Bluetooth feature enables NXTs to send messages to each other wirelessly. What’s that good for? Well, lots of things – including making your own remote control car (where you make the car and the remote!).

NOTE: This project requires two NXT bricks.


The car has two motors on either side of the NXT and a wheel on the back. The simple remote is just two touch sensors attached to the NXT (for a bonus challenge combine the pieces from both kits to create a 4-way remote control)


Each NXT (the car and the remote) needs a different program. The simple remote continuously sends two messages, one for each touch sensor. Each message is a true or false message that tells the car program if the touch sensor is pressed or not. The car program continuously reads both messages and turns the each motor on if the correct touch sensor is pressed.


By Jeremy Adler  & Carter Payne

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